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UW-Stout Student Film Wins Big

Ty Randerson |

<em>Papercut</em>&nbsp;– an award winning short from UW-Stout students.
Papercut – an award winning short from UW-Stout students.

In the world of class projects you've got three types. The project that was just barely finished, the project good enough for a decent grade but nothing extraordinary, and the projects that deserve an award for how good they are. Four UW-Stout students made a project just that good ... and they won an award for it.

Papercut was entirely recorded and created at UW-Stout by Elizabeth Briggson, Tory Jacobson, Bobby Lor, and Kyle Morishita. It tells the tale of a piece of paper with a face drawn on it by an art student, who then throws it out. After being tossed in the trash the piece of paper seeks revenge on the student and his friends, played by the students who created the video. 

The short was entered in the 23rd annual Minnesota Electric Theater student competition alongside 23 other student created projects in early December. Papercut took home first place in the competition and hopefully earned an A for these students.

Watch Papercut, a stop motion short!