Local Food Trucks Gaining Ground?

Ty Randerson |

Gordo's Food Truck serves Mexican fare around Eau Claire.
Gordo's Food Truck serves Mexican fare around Eau Claire.

This past summer you might have caught a glimpse of something new around certain Eau Claire parks. In August the Eau Claire City Council approved a trial run for food trucks – allowing them into the Eau Claire Soccer Park, Phoenix Park, and Owen Park. 

Previous to this, food trucks were only allowed to sell on private property with the owner's permission.

Clearly this summer's trial run went well because the city council has unanimously decided to allow food trucks in all Eau Claire parks. This victory doesn't come without disappointment though. 

Councilman David Strobel and Eric Nelson, a food truck owner, as well as many others expressed their frustration with the new policy, because it doesn't extend to city streets

In response to this Councilwoman Catherine Emmanuelle told theLeader-Telegram, “This proposal is really just dipping our toes into the food truck scene." Councilwoman Emmanuelle added that allowing food trucks to sell on the streets of Eau Claire would require changing city ordinances and that would take more time. 

As Councilwoman Emmanuelle puts it, “There was a choice — do something or do nothing right now." While the new policy for food trucks isn't perfect, Emmanuelle has promised to continue working through the winter to change city laws and allow food trucks a greater degree of freedom. 

If all goes well, next summer Eau Claire may be home to a blossoming food truck market – bringing more diversity into our city – and its streets. 

You can read more on the food truck situation at the Leader-Telegram here and here and let us know in the comments what you think about food trucks in Eau Claire.