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Home Cooking: Your Favorite Holiday Recipes

V1 Staff |

There’s nothing quite like a home-cooked meal fresh out of the oven around the holidays.

That’s the inspiration behind Home Cookin’, Volume One’s newest special section. For this effort, we gathered treasured family recipes from our friends and contributors (well, the ones they were willing to share, at least) and we compiled them into this. Along with each recipe, you’ll find an accompanying story of how that recipe came to be, why it means so much, the traditions surrounding it, and why your taste buds should probably thank you once you’ve finished eating. While you read, make sure you keep a napkin or small towel handy to keep your mouth from watering all over the pages. By releasing these recipes into the public domain, we implore you to try them out yourselves in your own home. Who knows? You just might find your family’s next delicious secret. So dig in, enjoy yourself, and quit drooling!

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