One Man Is Biking the Entire Chippewa Valley (and Filming It)

Ty Randerson |

Imagine the beauty and scenery of biking through the Chippewa Valley combined with the comfort of sitting on your couch. What was once a dream will soon become a reality!

From the company that brought you TourEauClaire comes a new project called BikeEauClaire. Jonathan Leuthe (owner of SpinVision) is at it again with some fancy camera work, bringing area bike trails to your computer screen.

The BikeEauClaire tour trike.
The BikeEauClaire tour trike.

This new project involves a tricycle, some high tech camera equipment, and enough muscle to bike all around the Chip with a 150 pound rig. Right now you can check out BikeEauClaire’s first tour video (above), but that’s far from the final experience.

This project is expected to take about three years to finish, and once it’s complete it won’t just be a touring video but an interactive experience. BikeEauClaire’s tour videos will eventually include info spots for points of interest such as restaurants, hotels, local attractions, and even historical markers. So, truth be told, "biking from your couch" isn't really the point of the video series.

But hey, it's an option.