Eau Claire Opens New Trail Connection

Ty Randerson |

The High Bridge (Image: City of Eau Claire)
The High Bridge (Image: City of Eau Claire)

Rejoice local, urban bikers and hikers – the struggle of getting from Folsom Street to the High Bridge is over. Last week the trail connecting these two areas opened for travel.

This new trail section connects to the trail starting just north of Folsom Street and extends a paved vehicle free path down to the recently opened High Bridge. This connection makes for a simple trip from the west side of Eau Claire to Phoenix Park and downtown.

With this new addition, Eau Claire now has over 30 miles of recreational trails and 4 miles of mountain biking trails within the city limits. These trails cover much of the city and make for a safer – and more enjoyable! – traveling experience for those wishing to bike, walk, run, or skate throughout town.