Searching for Wisconsin's "Best" Sandwich

Ty Randerson, V1 Staff |

Look tasty? Look closer. The
Look tasty? Look closer. We couldn't find an actual picture of a "Bratwurst with Cheese Curds" sandwich, so we made one ourselves. In Photoshop. 

Can we take a minute to talk about sandwiches? They’re great, if only because anything can be made into a sandwich if you try hard enough, even the planet Earth (seriously, go make an Earth sandwich). And one could say that each State of the Union, or region of the country, has it's own iconic 'wich. Some have obvious connections, such as the Philly Cheesesteak, but some are less apparent. 

The folks over at Business Insider (our nation's top choice for sandwich news?) went around the country and compiled a list of what they think is each state’s "best" sandwich (the pictures are amazing). According to this list, our stately neighbors in Minnesota are known for their burger with cheese on the inside (the infamous Juicy Lucy), and Illinois for their burger topped with fries. Really? That's "the best" Illinois has to offer? I hear Chicago makes a hotdog people seem to like.

(See a condensed rundown of the sandwiches from Mental Floss.)

For Wisconsin, they chose "Bratwurst with Cheese Curds." Now, I'm pretty sure they just chose a few "Sconnie things" and crammed them together into an imaginary sandwich, as I've never seen such a creation in the wild. Maybe they could have added some Door County cherries and some cranberry sauce? A pretzel bun in the shape of Aaron Rodger's face? They say:

"This Midwestern state has a large German immigrant population, so it's no surprise its most famous sandwich contains classic bratwurst. Eat the sausage on a roll topped with mustard, sauerkraut, and cheese curds — another thing for which Wisconsin is well-known."

What do you think? Is that our best or can we do better?