Megan Sauk loves flying on skis

Mike Paulus, photos by Kelsey Smith |

The ski jump perched atop Mt. Washington right outside of Eau Claire is hard to miss. But for 10-year-old Megan Sauk, it’s an absolute can’t-miss destination. “Since I was eight months old I have lived in Eau Claire,” she said. “I began ski jumping at age eight.”

Entering fifth grade this fall, Megan – along with her twin sister Jewel and her younger sister Greta – is a member of the Flying Eagles Ski Club in Eau Claire. Megan competes in area ski jumping events, with weekly practices in the wintertime, and she uses the club’s off-season training grounds on Mt. Washington (pictured) during the warmer months. Last season, she scored a first place finish in the 15-meter jump for girls in her age group.

“Megan is self-driven,” her mother Tammy said. “I think one of the most positive things about ski jumping it is that it forces you to go outside of your comfort zone.”

A busy mother of four, Tammy said their schedule only allows time for a handful of activities, so it’s nice when the kids choose the same one. “Well, at least it is for Mom and Dad!” she joked.

To many, ski jumping looks intimidating all by itself, even without the pressure of a tournament. But Megan likes the competition. “It pushes you harder to be more confident while trying to win,” she explained. 

On the challenges of ski jumping, Megan said, “Going off the 30-meter was difficult the first year. I still feel challenged by the 30-meter because sometimes it looks scary.” That said, the confident youngster added, “Ski jumping is not hard work because if you just believe in yourself you can do amazing things.”

Megan – along with her twin sister Jewel and her younger sister Greta
Megan Sauk (far right) with her twin sister Jewel and her younger sister Greta.