Twin Cities TV News Covers Eaux Claires Festival

Mike Paulus |

KARE 11 news out of the Twin Cities ran a whopping 6-minute story ("whopping" for a large market news program) last night on the Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival, featuring a long interview with co-organizer Justin Vernon – and shorter segments with the festival's artistic director Michael Brown (who moved to Eau Claire from the East Coast) and Bob McCoy of the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce. They've got plenty of shots from the festival grounds and around the city, including the downtown area and Racy's off Water Street. They spend a little time discussing the festival's economic impact on the area, which, when coupled with Country JAM and the new Blue Ox Bluegrass Festival, will be significant. Vernon even talks a bit about the next "cycle" of Bon Iver, which he says will be starting when the band comes back together at the festival (July 17 & 18).

Of Eaux Claires, Michael Brown says, "There's certain expectations when you play in larger cities, like L.A or New York. A part of the goal here is to take the pressure off and there's a sense of openness and artistic freedom that's specifically what you can do here."

The reporter, Julie Nelson, is even from Eau Claire, making for some delightful post-report banter betwixt the KARE 11 anchors. (And yes, she is incorrectly pronouncing "Eaux Claires." Just a smidge.)