Music Quick Hits | Dec. 10, 2014

V1 Staff, Ed Hudgins |

New Album from Lizzy Diane

The title of Lizzy Diane’s new album, Otherkin, is somewhat deceiving. People who consider themselves “otherkin” tend to believe that they are non-human, to some extent. However, upon listening to some sneak peeks of this record, I find the ethereal haunting vibe of Otherkin to be a thoroughly humanizing experience. While her first record, Encompass Rose, was certainly a compelling work, Otherkin shows significant growth in Lizzy’s artistry, craftsmanship, and self-expression. This kind of growth is central to what it really means to be human, to grow into our own skin, to become more fully who we are. This dynamic is absolutely present in Lizzy’s sophomore record. Upon first listen to “Lo and Behold,” the first track on the album, I was immediately taken in, swept away by the instrumentation, emotion, and dreamy feel of the song. From the get-go, Lizzy Diane invites listeners to engage with their emotions, intellect, and spirit. Again, she invites us to engage with those things that are integral to what it means to be human. Lizzy Diane is sharing this invitation live at a release show for Otherkin on December 19 at 9pm at Stone’s Throw.  

Hip Hop That You Can Help

Funkists might not actually be a word, but let’s use it to describe Doks Robotiks, Eau Claire’s young, up and coming jazz / hip hop fusion group. Still relatively green, the nine-member band is looking for some extra cash to help fund the recording and processing of a debut full-length album via Indiegogo. For more info on the band, rewards and funding specifics, go to their Indiegogo profile at