UFO Wisconsin’s interactive UFO map of Wisconsin

Mike Paulus |

Above: downtown Eau Claire, looking west from East Side Hill
Image from historical photo archive, downtown Eau Claire, looking west from Eastside Hill.

With Halloween fast approaching many of us turn our attention to stories of things that are, shall we say, more than natural. And while many of you relish in tales of ghouls and monsters, let's not forget that other box of paranormal treats – the humble UFO encounter.

And if you're looking for local UFO lore, fear not. Hurtling towards us at the speed of awesome is UFO Wisconsin’s (kinda) interactive UFO Reports by County map. It details Wisconsin UFO reports. By county. The last sighting they have for Eau Claire County is 2005, but Chippewa County has an ’08 sighting.

Warning: UFO Wisconsin’s web design is everything you'd hope for from website about UFOs.

I believe all the reports listed are made directly to UFO Wisconsin and they’re … well, many of them sound kinda crazy. They’re just straight up reports from people like you and me, and they run the gamut from “weird lights moving fast in the distance” to “oh, yeah, aliens visit my backyard all the time.” For me, believability isn’t really part of the equation. It’s just fun to hear your neighbors talk about this stuff.

UFO Wisconsin has a book out with a forward from Chippewa Valley paranormal investigator Chad Lewis, who happens to be speaking at The Local Store on Sunday, October 26. Check it out!