Wisconsin's organic farms rank us second to ... one

Jasmine Ferrell, photos by Brianna Meicher |

The Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market
The Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market

With 1,200 organic farms nestled within our borders, Wisconsin has taken the silver medal in a national ranking of organic farms per state  – and are we really that surprised? Historically speaking, Wisconsin’s backbone has always been agriculture (just look at the license plate), and here’s even more proof that even when it comes to the more intensive practice of organic farming, we’re one of the top states.

As posted to WQOW.com, Wisconsin was beaten only by California –  and Minnesota took a close third. According to the 2012 Census of Agriculture, Eau Claire County boasted 34 organic farms, which is up ten farms from the last count in 2007. Chippewa County isn’t doing too shabby either, with 28 organic farms to brag about.

Generations of farmers have resided in Wisconsin, honing their craft and providing products to both local and national markets, and the move towards organic seems logical. People want to know where their food comes from and how it was grown. In our state alone, there are 287 farmers markets registered in the USDA’s directory.

So get out there, see what our local farmers have to offer, and support them as best you can. We don’t want Minnesota moving into second place, do we?