Wisconsin is still feta than you at cheese

Eric Koeppel |


Cue "We Are The Champions" and roll out the cheese wheel because according to a post from the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation, Wisconsin is still the nation's largest cheese producer. The USDA's 2013 Dairy Products Summary shows that Wisconsin contributed 25.7% of the country's total cheese production in 2013.

Last year, America's Dairyland produced 2.856 billion pounds of cheese, which is up from the 2.79 billion pounds we produced in 2012. California was the runner-up with 2.312 billion pounds and Minnesota came in fifth with a noble effort of 661.3 million pounds. Wisconsin also took first place in cheddar production, followed by Minnesota, as well as second in mozzarella output, behind California. Data on total curd production for 2013 has yet to be released, but it's probably safe to assume that we took first place.​

And by the way, 2.856 billion pounds of cheese is the equivalent of almost 16 Washington Monuments. THE MORE YOU KNOW.