We been spendin' most our lives living in a nerdster paradise

Eric Koeppel |

The Estately Blog recently put together a ranking of the nation's nerdiest states by analyzing data from Facebook users. In order to find out which states have the most "nerds per capita," they developed a list of nerdy subjects such as Magic: The Gathering and anime movies and then identified users who like them by state. 

The top three nerdy states, in descending order of maximum geekiness, are Utah, Alaska, and Wyoming. Although it appears that the more rural states are the most nerd-friendly, Wisconsin is nowhere to be found on the top 10 list. But hey, maybe that just means we're so busy pwning at nerd stuff that we don't even have time for social networking. On the other hand, we are ranked number 14 in the "nerd paradise" category for having relatively high scores in comic books, LARPing, Dungeons & Dragons and cosplay.

The difference in nerdieness between Wisconsin and Minnesota is also intriguing. Our neighbors to the west are categorized as having "few nerds" while America's dairy land is labeled as a "nerd heaven." So, uh, take that, Gopher State (pushes up thick framed glasses with index finger)!​