Six Degrees of Justin Vernon

Eric Koeppel |

Well, the Confluence Project votes are over, so you know what that means … we can get back to 24/7 Justin Vernon coverage.

Bon Iver member, S. Carey released his new record, Range of Light, on April 1, which prompted Stereogum to put together a musical "family tree" for Justin Vernon. The diagram first links Vernon to his own bands and collaborators (they even mention the Eau Claire Memorial High School Jazz Band), and then links those acts to their own collaborators. For example, David Byrne is connected to Vernon because they have both collaborated with Colin Stetson.

"His sheer number of connections is baffling, and if you start to factor in all the connections to his connections, Kevin Bacon style, you're going to need a map," states Stereogum writer Chris DeVille.

This family tree is the perfect resource for boning up on your knowledge of Justin Vernon's musical lineage. Oh, and don't worry, I figured it out so you don't have to: Vernon has collaborated with Colin Stetson, who has collaborated with Tom Waits, who appeared in the 1991 film Queens Logic starring Kevin Bacon. ​