Bon Iver goes gold ... twice

Thom Fountain |

Well, this is certainly interesting. Eau Claire’s own hit-maker Bon Iver’s two full-lengths – released two and a half years apart – were both certified gold in this last cycle by the Recording Industry Association of America. Bon Iver, Bon Iver and the band’s debut For Emma, Forever Ago both have now sold 500,000 physical copies since they were released.

Certainly an impressive feat, but what does it mean in today’s digital world? The numbers do not include the countless downloads on iTunes and other services, or streams on Spotify (which the band has been on the Top Artists lists since, well, a long, long time).

Still. Over one million records sold (not including an EP and a handful of singles) is nothing to shake a stick at. From Bon Iver’s label Jagjaguwar:

Emerging from the cabin and finding a place alongside the most important and influential artists of our time, while finding critical success and recognition with a #2 Billboard debut and two Grammy awards, Bon Iver's rise is exceptional, a journey unlike any other.

We are, quite simply, very proud.

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