Daredevil unleashes their 'lazy vocals'

Mike Paulus |

The Daredevil Christopher Wright at a recent acoustic show in the Volume One Gallery.
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The Daredevil Christopher Wright just don’t quit. They put out a new album this past summer and released an awesome new music video at the end of August. And early this month, NPR premiered A Man Of The Arts – a new tune to be found on a split 7" single DCW is releasing with Cuddle Magic, a band from Brooklyn. NPR writer Bob Boilen compares the track to Pink Floyd (man). He says ...

It may be too simple to say that what attracted me to this song was its vibe, but it's the truth. There's a period when Pink Floyd had a bit of this feel, around the time of Meddle and Obscured by Clouds, particularly in the lazy vocals.

“Lazy vocals?” That’s an odd comment for a band characterized by insane harmonizing. But go have a listen. You’ll also find a bunch of paragraphs from Jon Sunde on how the song came to life.

And in case you haven’t noticed, allow us to inform you that Daredevil will be joined by Cuddle Magic for a Back Stage Concert Series performance at the State Theatre on Halloween night, Oct. 31 at 7pm.

Now how’s about we watch that video again?

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