Arms Aloft to open for NOFX

One of the single greatest things about being in a punk band is playing shows for a primarily DIY scene which sustains touring bands on the road. For Eau Claire pop-punk band Arms Aloft this has definitely been true. Over the last couple years, these guys have gotten to play nationally in some one-of-a-kind spaces, be they beer-soaked basements or a private room in a suburban mansion. In the last two years the band has spent over a quarter of their time touring, even playing for a month across the pond in Europe.

But it's an upcoming show which is especially exciting.

Arms Aloft is opening for punk legends NOFX and Dillinger Four along with a couple of other up-n-coming acts on September 14 at the Cabooze in Minneapolis. The lineup is an amazing bill for Minneapolis, if not the Midwest, and should be a fantastic opportunity for the band. Though Seth Gile, lead singer for Arms Aloft, says that getting the gig was not as difficult as you would imagine; it stemmed from several years of building connections in the scene, trying to book another gig, then getting a call offering them this one. Gile says, “It was the least work we've ever had to do to get a show.” After their show at the Cabooze, Arms Aloft is heading out towards the West Coast in late September for some more mayhem. Needless to say, it's a wild ride being in a punk band.

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