Is the Wisconsin state flag the worst flag ever?

Michelle Enger |

Glorious or hideous?
Glorious or hideous? And who are the dudes in the hats? Is that one guy a sailor?

Is the Wisconsin state flag the worst flag ever? At least one Wisconsinite thinks so, and in his opinion our state flag is in dire need of change – Joel Christopher of the Appleton's Post-Crescent recently wrote an article about the design of the Wisconsin flag.

Christopher wrote, “Our flag was so bad for so many years that the only way the Legislature (and who doesn’t want the Legislature designing a flag, right?) could figure out to fix it was to stamp the word ‘Wisconsin’ on it.”

Modified in 1979, the flag was re-introduced with the word “WISCONSIN.” Christopher thinks it needs a lot more work than that.

He suggested the idea to come up with a new flag design because we can do better and propose it to legislation. What do you think of our flag? Should we jump on Christopher’s bandwagon and change it? How would you change it?