The Eau Claire Regional Arts Center's 'Jubilee 2012' award winners

Michelle Enger |

Jubilee’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner Laurie Bieze receives her
congratulatory embrace from ECRAC Executive Director Ben Richgruber.

Supporters of the arts were honored last Thursday at the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center’s Jubilee 2012 event. And what better way to honor supporters of the arts than with art itself? The Eau Claire Regional Arts Council had artist Richard Milheiser handcraft each award. Now, the Arts Council hopes to make it an annual tradition for a new artist to create unique awards each year.

This year's recipients included an artist, a business, and an individual for their contributions. Patricia Mayhew Hamm was chosen for the Artist in Support of the Arts award, Xcel Energy for Business in Support of the Arts, and Mel and Leann Breed for Individual in Support of the Arts.

A special award was handed out this year to acknowledge Laurie Bieze for her contributions to the Eau Claire Regional Arts Council. The Arts Council was pleased to honor her with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

The event was hosted by author Michael Perry. Pictures from the Jubilee 2012 can be found on ECRAC’s website.