Carson Park Drive, Rod & Gun Park to repoen this weekend

Michelle Enger |

After too much wind.
After too much wind.

West Carson Park Drive and Rod & Gun Park will be reopened this coming weekend, according to the Leader-Telegram.

After the windstorm on May 24 a lot of debris remained to be cleaned.   The city plans to have all the remaining hanging branches and fallen trees cleared out in time for weekend picnics and a triathlon on Sunday.

Although the parks will be open to the public by this coming weekend, the months ahead will involve removing more debris on other public property.

The L-T said there will be several months of work for other wooded public land.   The storm took more than 2,000 trees and it could take years to plant replacements.   City  foresters will need a larger budget in order to replenish the wooded land.

City expenses for the replanting of fallen trees may need to come from grants or community groups that would like to plant replacements.