Menomonie steps forward with urban chickens

Michelle Enger |

On Monday night, Menomonie City Council chose to allow chickens to be kept in an urban setting, approving an ordinance proposed months ago.

Although a couple residents reacted negatively to the plan, the council voted unanimously in favor of the ordinance. Residents choosing to raise chickens cannot take the responsibility lightly. City inspection of the property must be approved to receive a license.

Residents will be required to buy an annual chicken license for $10 with an initial fee of $35 if they wish to raise the farm animal in the city. In addition, the ordinance allows single-family and two-family homes five chickens.

The chicken coops must be at least 10 feet from property lines and 25 feet from any residential structure. The plan does not allow slaughtering or breeding with the backyard setting because of potential health concerns.

Meanwhile, our sources inform us that Eau Claire is seething with jealousy.