New exhibit to feature Volume One cover artists

Trevor Kupfer |

Setting up the show.
Setting up for the Art of Volume One exhibit.

Over the course of Volume One’s 10-year history, the organization and publication have continued to evolve. That said, the focus and core mission have remained the same: local culture. And for proof, you need look no further than the cover. With no exception, every one of Volume One’s 205 magazine covers have featured artwork with local ties. And now, thanks to LE Phillips Memorial Public Library, the practice is being honored with a retrospective exhibition that begins June 4 and runs through Septemper 4.

The Art of Volume One: Ten Years Covering the Chippewa Valley showcases both the publication cover and original artwork, side-by-side, illustrating an interesting contrast between in-person and in-print. The retrospective is a sampling of covers, selected by the library’s art committee, that spans a myriad of media (photography, painting, illustration, etc.) created by artists that are now located around the globe.

Selected pieces include familiar local artists such as Anders Shafer, Paula Gorski, and Gail Schellinger, as well as nostalgic images you’ll no doubt recognize. Remember the fishing scene created with yarn? How about the floating sheep, yarn tree, or jazz trio? They’re all there, plus more. All told, there’s more than 20 pieces on display. Stop by on June 21, from 7 to 8:30pm, for a public reception that will include appearances by several of the artists and Volume One staff.

“Volume One has been a great outlet for artists – like a mobile gallery,” said Ned Gannon, who helped put together the show and also has his “Revolt of the Trees” cover on display. “This show is like experiencing the history of the magazine and, in many ways, our entire art scene. And it gives a sense of anticipation for the future.”

The Art of Volume One: Ten Years Covering the Chippewa Valley • June 4-Sept. 4, reception June 21 (7-8:30pm) • LE Phillips Memorial Public Library, 400 Eau Claire St., Eau Claire