Rolling Stone covers former local Christopher Porterfield

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Photo: by CJ Foeckler
Photo: by CJ Foeckler

Former Eau Clairian/current Madisonian and Christopher Porterfield's latest project Field Report* just done got itself written up by the Rolling Stone Magazine. (Porterfield uses to head up  Conrad Plymouth.) A taste:

Field Report doesn’t have a record deal yet – Porterfield says he’s weighing his options – but the band has already attracted famous fans like Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz, who invited Field Report to play his SXSW showcase and watched the band from the front row, "with a camera phone out, singing along," Porterfield recalled. "It is undeniable when you listen to Field Report," Duritz enthused to Rolling Stone. "This is just great music."

Rolling Stone, 5-4-1012

In other news, the article was written by Sconnie music writer and one-time Eau Clairian Steven Hyden. Who also writes for The Onion's A.V. Club.

*An anagram of Porterfield!

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