Local Frolfing: 5 good tips and 7 places to try them out

Alex Olson |

Feel like getting into disc golf, aka frolf, aka frisbee golf aka Land the Flying Saucer? Well, here's five things to keep in mind ...

  1. I'm landing the flying saucer!
    "I'm landing the flying saucer!"
    It sounds cliché, but make sure your priority is to have fun. You’re just going to keep hitting trees, clipping the back of pedestrian’s heads, and generally running amuck if you get too angry and overwhelmed with how poorly you’re doing.
  2. Develop a technique…if you don’t have one then learn one here. Even before you start to learn different techniques to throwing your disc, make sure you’re paying attention to how it feels when you’re disc goes where you want it to. This means you’re doing something right. 
  3. There are different discs for every occasion, and person, but for now just throw a light disc, which is around 150g to 160g. Beginners should look for discs labeled as “understable”, “roller” or “turnover”, as they are easier to throw accurately.
  4. Don’t try to impress everyone with your killer arm strength. Chances are the harder you throw in the beginning the more often your disc is not going anywhere you initially wanted it to go. It’s best to focus more on the aiming aspect, such as the angle of release, instead of seeing how far you can throw.
  5. If you really want to get serious and improve then buy a basket and practice. Larger sports-centric stores will usually carry these. In order to cut down on you looking silly and missing the basket multiple times than lots of hours of practice are in order. What better way to get those hours in then purchasing your very own basket and learning in your backyard?


    Now that you have a better idea of what you’re getting yourself into, check out these disc golf courses listed on our Hot Spots summer guide – seven great local options.