Saturday: Record Store Day

Andy Plank, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Revival Records, 418 South Barstow St., downtown Eau Claire
Revival Records, 418 South Barstow St., downtown Eau Claire

On Saturday, April 16, vinyl collectors will have a rare opportunity to get their hands on the newest, most exclusive albums. Barstow Street’s Revival Records will open its door at 8am for Record Store Day, a national holiday that store owner Billy Siegel says is his Christmas. “Record Store Day is special for the fact that it is a day that is dedicated to vinyl music by the artists for the true fans,” says Siegel. His shop is one of thousands that will sell extremely limited edition vinyl releases to celebrate (some exclusive releases, some early releases, some reprints). Headlining the long 2011 list of previously unreleased material is Nirvana’s Hormoaning LP, a 10-year anniversary edition of Jimmy Eat World’s Bleed American, the new Fleet Foxes, and cover albums from bands like Deftones and Foo Fighters. There are new live albums from Death Cab for Cutie and the Decemberists, a Green Day/Husker Du 7” split, and a few special vinyl and merch deals like Panda Bear’s Tomboy LP and t-shirt package. Siegel says Eau Claire has a unique opportunity because Revival Records gets all the material that stores in bigger cities do, but they don’t have the lines of people waiting to get in. “It is a day that the vinyl shop will be alive with happy customers and filled with great music,” he says, “but once the goods are gone, they’re gone!”

And while Revival Records is your Record Store Day Headquarters, V1 will be celebrating National Record Store Day at The Local Store (17 S. Barstow St.) by offering our entire stock of music – over 200 *local* titles on both CD and vinyl – at 20% off the normal price. Saturday, April 16 only!