Chalkfest Voting is Open! View the artwork & vote now — Aug. 1


V1 Staff |

WHEN: Tuesday, April 6 from 7am to 8pm
WHERE: To find your voting ward and see a sample ballot, visit
REGISTER: To register, you must have one piece of identification showing both your name and current address (driver’s license, state ID card, or current utility bill) and provide either your driver’s license number or last four digits of your social security number.

Check out our Xtreme Election Guide '10 where we interviewed darn near every person running for a city council or county board seat in the Chippewa Valley. And here's a rundown of everything you'll see on this year's ballot, including the advisory referendum on Eau Claire's downtown jail and the Altoona School District referendum. Also, Chippewa Falls wants a new fire truck.

Have fun with all the democracy today!