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Fried fish on film

V1 Staff |

Hey, speaking of fish frys (“frys” is the plural, right?), did you know they fry fish in places outside of the Chippewa Valley, even in Milwaukee? It’s true! It fact, a few weeks back, a documentary film maker named Ron Faiola called up Volume One to say that he’d made a (you guessed it) documentary film on the Milwaukee fish fry tradition. He was looking for a place around Eau Claire to screen it. As luck would have it, the Masonic Auditorium was available on Friday, March 26. Showings are at 5 and 7pm (details). It’s good, quirky, midwestern fun. Trailer:

With Fish Fry Night Milwaukee, Faiola set out to show you some of Milwaukee's most popular, historic and unique fish fry places, and to profile the people who host and enjoy them. And, we assume, to show shot after delicious shot of golden, bubbling fry oil. A standing-room only debut at the Beloit Film Festival prompted Faiola to take his baby on the road, including the stop in Eau Claire. And by the way, Faiola’s looking for a local fish fry to hit up that Friday, so go to to recommend your favorite.