UPDATED: Carson Park dorm a no go

Mike Paulus |

We talked about the “Carson Park Tower Group” on last Friday’s Big Week – the group that wants to build a seven story private dormitory by Carson Park, right behind the (totally awesome) Menomonie Street Dairy Queen. The idea is to take on (and monetize) UWEC’s student dorm overflow, which right now is handled by local hotels. The weird part is that former Wis. senator – and current fabulous beard wearer – Dave Zien is their spokesman. Not familiar with Dave Zien? Here’s what internationally respected news source BikerNet.com has to say:

  • He was a Wisconsin Senator for 18 years, beginning in 1988. He’s been inducted into every Motorcycle Hall of Fame in this country. Dave is a Purple Heart Vietnam veteran, a motorcycle freedom fighter until he dies and a genius. He’s one of the most passionate men I’ve ever met, and his fervor is directly centered on the following: Motorcycling, America, Veterans, God, family and Guns. Read more! (Seriously, read more.)

Anyways, according to WQOW.com, the Dairy Queen Tower is not going to might not happen (read the comments below). Last night, Eau Claire’s plan commission voted down a request to rezone the proposed property (6-2). The commission said the project would involve “too many changes” before it would jive with the city's comprehensive plan. In other words, a big friggin’ tower in front of the city’s largest park is a no-no.

But man, can you imagine how many Dilly Bars that Dairy Queen could sell with a seven story dorm right behind it? It boggles the mind. I wonder where the “Carson Park Tower Group” will look next?

P.S. See if you can spot 10 things wrong one giant thing wrong with the picture above.