A sad month for Nickleback fans

Mike Paulus |

Say what you will about bands like Nickleback and Slipknot, Eau Claire’s 99.9 The Carp corked an important hole in the Chippewa Valley. And for eight years, they corked that hole with rawk. But earlier in the month, Maverick Media replaced The Carp with (DJ-free) Bob FM, which we’re not going to dignify with a description. Suffice to say, it’s true: the Chippewa Valley’s airwaves no longer buzz with the soothing tones of Pantera.

Despite having over 13,500 members, not even a "Bring Back 99.9 The Carp" Facebook group could turn the tide. The Leader-Telegram talked to the horse’s mouth:

  • George Roberts, vice president and market manager for Maverick's Chippewa Valley stations, said the answer lies in changing musical tastes and advertising. While he acknowledged The Carp was a big hit in the beginning and still had loyal fans, the format was beginning to slip nationally.
  • "Maverick's always been known for making the move before something's out of gas," Roberts said.

Some businesses are known for just doing successful things, but hey, being known for getting out of something during a downward spiral ... that's good too. Apparently, the change was made in order to appeal to our 30- to 54-year-old listening demographic. I guess if most of the Valley’s radio advertisers are selling Fords and vinyl flooring, it’d be hard for The Carp to keep floating, er, bottom feeding. Still sucks, though.

We’ll miss you, The Carp.