Brickhouse bandit nabbed
via eBay

Mike Paulus |

In case you missed it, our good buddies over at Brickhouse Music done got robbed last month. Some guy broke into the locally owned downtown Eau Claire music shop and dashed off with $18,000 in guitars, cymbals, and electronic drum equipment. We even heard the thief made off with a boxful of whammy bars, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Over the years, Brickhouse has filled an important role in the local music scene, so the theft was extra depressing. Well, thankfully, a bunch of the stolen goods have been returned and we now know that the thieving ass in question is named “Chad.” And it’s all thanks to eBay, where Chad sold the stolen goods. From

  • [Brickhouse store manager Eric] Thompson says most of these items are easily trackable on eBay because of how unique they are and their price. That's how police were able to link Chad Murphy from Eau Claire to the crime. He was arrested and charged with theft.

Thank you, internet! Unfortunately, many of the bigger items are still missing. Thompson told WQOW that Brickhouse will be moving to a bigger location on Graham Avenue and the robbery has sped things up.