Some Local Election Numbers

Mike Paulus |

Man, I was all ready to settle in for a night on the couch, channel surfing betwixt local and national election coverage, expecting final results to come in after midnight. But out of nowhere – BAM – John McCain was on the TV saying it was all his fault. I knew the polling didn’t look good, but still, I expected a bit more drama.

Wisconsin gave its electoral votes to Obama and 56% of its popular vote. Chippewa County hosted a somewhat close race, but Eau Claire and Dunn counties show pretty solid defeats for McCain:

  • Chippewa County
  •    Obama - 16236
  •    McCain - 13489
  • Eau Claire County
  •    Obama - 33143
  •    McCain - 20944
  • Dunn County
  •    Obama - 13055
  •    McCain - 9616

Assembly wise, Wisconsin is feeling pretty blue. The big story there is how Democrats now control both the Legislature and the governor’s mansion for the first time in 20 years.

On a side note, thank god we can now get rid of all those RAGING YELLOW Darcy Fields signs found on every damn street corner in the 93rd Assembly District. My eyes are still stinging. I guess now thay can melt down all the signs and make crossing guard vests or school crossing signs or hazmat suits.

No word yet on final percentages for voter turnout ...