Candidates Ask WEAU, WQOW to Yank Opposition’s TV Ads

Mike Paulus |

Without the funding to run a counter-strike ad campaign, State Assembly hopefuls Jeff Smith (D) and Kristen Dexter (also D) are asking local TV stations to pull ads they say are blatantly false. From WQOW.com

  • In an ad running on TV stations the ad claims: "Now here's something you may be interested in. Kristen Dexter's Healthy Wisconsin Plan, which includes free healthcare for illegal aliens and people who don't even live or work in Wisconsin. Just look at how much of your taxes this plan will soak up, Wow!"
  • Local Democrats Jeff Smith and Kristen Dexter claim the ads are false. They're not alone, many candidates challenge claims made by their opponents often leaving it up to the voters to figure it out. In this case, Smith and Dexter are leaving it up to us, the local television stations, to figure it out. They want us to pull the ads. 

Of course, just putting those ads out there, true or false, does the damage they're designed to do (alliteration!) Once it’s in your head, it’s in your head. And when a candidate must deny accusations like this, it just prolongs your exposure to it. Or am I just paranoid of politicians brainwashing my tender mind?