Downtown Eau Claire's West Bank: Any Bright Ideas?

Mike Paulus |

So last fall, the city bought the Minnesota Wire and Cable building over on Oxford Avenue and started conjuring recipes for downtown's next piece of revitalization pie. And today, the L-T reports ...

  • Eau Claire city officials took the next step Wednesday toward reviving the Chippewa River's west bank when the city Redevelopment Authority approved initial relocation plans for the area.
  • The RDA approved the purchase of the Bartingale Mechanical building at 2021 Oxford Ave. and four houses at the southern end of the West Bank Redevelopment District that encompasses Oxford Avenue and First Street on the river's west side.

The city says they'd like to see a "mix of hotels, offices, residences and possibly a convention center." They've also promised "green space complete with a recreational trail" along the river. Does that sound good? What would you want to see over there?