Chippewa Falls Keeps It Legal

Mike Paulus |

You can still smoke the cigs in Chippewa, man. From the Chippewa Herald...

  • On Wednesday, [Transportation] committee members, Susan Zukowski, Jack Covill and Brian Flynn, voted to wait for state action. They agreed a local smoking ban would cause economic hardship to city businesses at a time the economy is struggling.
  • “Every bar owner in Chippewa looks at this as an attack on their business,” Covill said.

Obviously, a different line of thinking resulted in Eau Claire’s very own smoking ban. Yet, the Leader Telegram sez that...

  • Council member Jack Covill said he had spoken with an Eau Claire tavern owner who had seen his property value drop some $400,000. Eau Claire began a workplace smoking ban July 1.

Taking a much less controversial route, the Chippewa City Council decided to wait until the state Legislature tells everyone what to do in 2009.