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FEATURE: Horseradish Hotspot

Insights on the Chippewa Valley's Little-Known Creamy Cash Crop

“(Horseradish) is essentially a weed. ... (We) frequently get phone calls from gardeners who have tried growing some of their own, looking for advice on how to kill it.”

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Horseradish, I Say!

Investigating som of the rural rumors about Silver Spring and Huntsinger

Horseradish was an inspired idea for a truck gardener, because you can harvest in the fall and have money coming in winter as well as summer.

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Editor's Notes
Opening Letters

Running Away from Home

I always thought ‘anywhere but here’ until now

I never gave Chippewa any credit growing up. It was always my opinion that if I wanted any culture I would have to pack my bags...

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The Rear End

Can't Happen Here

three little words we all need to get over

Lately, I’ve noticed an atypically large influx of people complaining about the Chippewa Valley’s “can’t happen here” attitude.

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Opening Shots
Athletic Aesthetic

Carson Park's New Bronze

the newest additions to our very own baseball hall of fame

The nominations for the 2011 class have been submitted, those of us on the committee voted, and I thought I would use this issue’s column to turn the spotlight on those whose likenesses will be bronzed outside the main gates at Carson Park.

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Sonic Experiments

Michael Rambo Project techs out to rock on

“We wanted to inspire a sense of creation,” Rambo said. “People would cheer for each other, and then pass the iPad on to others, and then cheer them on as well.”

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Happy Trails, Joey and Bill

two local music scene veterans prepare to leave

If you have enjoyed local music on some level for the last decade-and-a-half, you can probably thank at least one (but probably both) of these gentlemen.

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The Finesse EP

quartet inspired by late band director

The Finesse’s rock-rooted funk ‘n’ roll mojo is hooky, well constructed and fit for weekend dancing.

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Steve Martin at the State

yes, that Steve Martin – he’s a really, really good banjo player

One can tell on first listen that this is more than a self-congratulatory celebrity project.

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Icarus Himself

odd-sounding Madison trio with local ties to play (twice)

A self-proclaimed mix of tropical, electro, and folk rock, Icarus Himself certainly produces a unique sound.

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Huge Death Metal Showcase

House of Rock books four-band onslaught of sonic mayhem; Grandma displeased

Ya like Bolt Thrower? Obituary? Cannibal Corpse? Then you’re gonna love Jungle Rot.

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Double the One-Acts

Menomonie Theater Guild stages duo of short plays

In an effort to support local talent, and to help the Menomonie Theater Guild raise scholarship money, a contemporary drama presentation, Divergence, will be preformed at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts.

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Almost Famous

ECCT takes on New York, high school, and cutthroat stardom

For as long as audiences are drawn to musicals, we will indeed remember its name. It’s Fame, the musical, and it will be coming to the State Theatre July 28 to August 1.

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Comedy of Errors

CVTG’s annual Shakespeare Workshop to cover The Bard’s earlier works

As part of the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild’s annual Shakespeare Workshop, area high schoolers will take on one of the playwright’s earliest plays.

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Local Look

A Front Door for Menomonie

city plans downtown “gateway project”

“All business owners want to see downtown improve ... they want to see development.” – Laura Short, executive director of Main Street Menomonie

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Thanks for Asking | July 15, 2010

answering your questions to the very best of Frank's considerable ability

Apparently Presto needed a site to store ammunition away from the plant so that, if sabotaged, it would not compromise the plant itself?

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Food / Drink
Special Sections

A Great Place to Hang

YMCA's kid's gymnasium

Had enough of the Gameboy Advance? Tell your parents to head over to Eau Claire YMCA’s Kid’s Gym for a break from the playtime monotony.

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Attracting and Retaining Talent

companies are getting creative in trying to find and keep the right people for the job

The recent dip in the economic climate has created a much larger pool of people looking for work ...

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How to Enhance Your Brand

identify the distinctive qualities of the organization

Does your organization have a concrete, common understanding of its vision, mission, and strategic goals – along with an understanding of the talent required to fulfill those goals?

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Other Stuff

Northwoods All-Star Game

Harmon Killebrew and league’s best congregate in EC

If you’ve somehow missed out on attending an Eau Claire Express game so far this season, now is the most exciting time to come to Carson Park.

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