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Mélange & Friends Live

Mélange is a trio of friends who blend the soulful harmonies of folk, indie, and singer-songwriter music into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. With their heartfelt lyrics and acoustic arrangements, Mélange creates an intimate musical experience that resonates deeply with audiences.

Consisting of Maggie Sills (vocals), Valerie Evans (vocals), and Emily Watkins (vocals/guitar), Mélange shares original compositions and soulful covers, infusing each performance with their unique blend of passion and artistry. Their music reflects a deep love for storytelling and connection, inviting listeners on a journey of emotion and reflection.

For this show, Mélange is expanding their lineup to include a full rhythm section, adding layers of depth and energy to their already dynamic sound.

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Fri. May. 17, 2024   8-11pm

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