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Thomas Smith


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Childhood Halloween

Thomas Smith

The sexy, the transgressive, the political // costumes are well and good, but nothing // can bring back our childhood Halloweens, // no matter how many plastic gravestones ...

River Road in December

Thomas Smith

Tree-strobing drive on a sunny-cold / afternoon near Solstice. Along the iced river / bare birch and oak trunks kick the sun / continually ahead, as in that football ...

"Aunt" Lucy

Thomas Smith

The oldest residents of Cameron, Wisconsin, remember “Aunt” Lucy St. Louis, my grandparents’ next-door neighbor, who died at one hundred in the house where, in the prime of her womanhood, she’d raised her widowed brother’s eight children. Some unecumenical Lutherans in my family to this day begrudge Catholics ...

First Guitar

Thomas Smith

My first guitar bore, as badge of its possibly dissipated former life, the ring a bottle might leave on a polished table top. At fourteen, I was sure it had been a beer bottle. Bought by my father for ten dollars from a musician buddy, it came strung backwards, left-handed, a practical ...