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Hiker’s Brew Keeps It Fresh

locally packaged coffee company under new leadership

Steph Mickelson

What started as a passion project for Zach Pecha while he was attending college at UW-Eau Claire has become a full-time job at a company that he will run with his girlfriend Addy Serum ...

The Nostalgic Bean: Restored for Pours

coffee, croissants, and kismet at Altoona coffee shop

Steph Mickelson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In April 2018, Jennifer Rust Anderson and her husband, Matt, purchased the former barber shop at the corner of Lynn Avenue and Division Street in Altoona. With a flaking pink paint ...

Seeds of Goodwill

UWEC library volunteers are having a good thyme in the garden

Steph Mickelson

On a small patch of land next to the Forest Street Community Gardens, you’ll find the McIntyre Library Community Garden. “I was looking for a community service project that fit my interests and hobbies, gardening is one,” said Roxanne Backowski, who started ...