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Fashion Without Fabric

UW-Stout’s amazing showcase of outlandish outfits returns

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Sarah Word

There’s a handful of area events that are annual institutions. Things like Decadent Cabaret, OAFA, the ski jump, Taste of Eau Claire, International Fall Fest, and Rocky Horror. Well, I finally made the trek ...

John Mueller's Winter Dance Party

photos by Sarah Word

On Thursday, Jan 27, Winter Dance Party, the official live and authentic tribute show, recreated Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper's final tour at the State Theater. Each concert included over two hours of unbridled, high-voltage enterta

Lost in Younkers

photos by Sarah Word

Produced by the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild, this particular performance was on Friday, Nov 12 at the Grand Theater.

Fashion without Fabric

photos by Sarah Word

On Saturday, April 17 Stout's own design students paraded down the runway, fashioning everything but fabric. These creations, made out of anything from cotton balls to plastic tarp, were sure to be one of a kind!

Caring for the Globe

eighth annual Earth Day celebration to be largest yet

V1 Staff, photos by Sarah Word

With seven successful years already notched, the green event that started as a local grassroots movement has officially mounted an annual following and the eighth annual version of the local celebration looks to the biggest yet.

Fashion Without Fabric

UW-Stout’s annual explosion of art, fashion, and awesome

Nick Meyer, photos by Sarah Word

For my money, UW-Stout’s Fashion Without Fabric is one of the must-see events of the year.

The Art of Aging

experts say involvement in arts keeps you young

Jenna Campbell and Kinzy Janssen, photos by Sarah Word

On depression and loneliness, those participating in art had better scores. But the results went beyond the qualitative. The painters, singers, and writers reported fewer doctor visits and fewer falls than the others.

Opening Shot | April 30, 2009

photos by Sarah Word

A crowd of about 700 people witnessed Stout’s annual “Fashion without Fabric.”

Fashion without Fabric 2009

photos by Sarah Word

On Saturday night (April 18), a sellout crowd of about 700 people witnessed Stout’s annual fashion/art/performance/industrial design blow-out event “Fashion without Fabric.” Every year, UW-Stout art and design students produce unique fashions ...

Lessons Close to Home

talking with local homeschoolers

Jenna Kulasiewicz, photos by Sarah Word

Home schooling looks different in every family. That might be the beauty of it.

Chuck's Good Luck

Chippewa Falls animator “draws” attention

Caitlin Heidbrink, photos by Sarah Word

Lucky Radish Studios has been very lucky indeed.

Polar Bear in a Snowstorm

play about all-white painting examines art

Thadeus Logan, photos by Sarah Word

Art revolves around Serge who shells out 200,000 francs for a piece of abstract art.

Hollywood Style

local MC Breakneck the Mage self-releases album

Chris Henson, photos by Sarah Word

Besides all the LA glitz, the 13-track album features numerous shout-outs to the Midwest ...