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Not So Secret Society

Eau Claire’s freemasons and the freemasonry scene

Ryne Thornsen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

You’ve likely seen the Eau Claire Masonic Center – the large, stone-pillared building on Graham Avenue – but have no idea as to what happens in there.

Big Daddy’s Barbeque

Wissota meat market sets up shack for carnivores

Ryne Thornsen, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Basically, it’s a simple, Wisconsin roots-driven idea that is done deliciously and is affordable besides.

Pickle Fest

Boyceville’s annual vegetable fest to celebrate the town’s 150th birthday

Ryne Thornsen, photos by Leah Rule

Locals look forward to the small town fellowship of it, with former residents returning to visit old friends and parade emcees cracking jokes about the locals in the crowd and on floats.

Icarus Himself

odd-sounding Madison trio with local ties to play (twice)

Ryne Thornsen

A self-proclaimed mix of tropical, electro, and folk rock, Icarus Himself certainly produces a unique sound.