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Ron Davis


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Eau Claire's Elephant Tale

the heartbreaking and mysterious story of a circus performer laid to rest during a long-ago summer

Ron Davis

Riddled with rumor, exaggeration, speculation, and maybe even a few ghost stories, local accounts of what has come to be called the “Eastside Hill Elephant” are based on a true story that took place long ago in Eau Claire ...

Early Season, Later Life

reflections on trout fishing with a son – then and now

Ron Davis

It was futile. A stinging April wind gusting across Timber Coulee Creek and my cataract-clouded eyes made threading a hair-thin tippet into the eye of a trout fly no larger than a peppercorn practically impossible ...

World going to the dogs? Go to the dog park.

companionship and conversation are alive and well at the EC dog park

Ron Davis, photos by Ron Davis

I am delighted to announce that polite, stimulating conversation is not dead. It is alive and well at the Eau Claire Dog Park ...

The Wisco Four-Way

pondering the conundrum of polite Midwesterners at stop signs

Ron Davis

My daughter’s boyfriend was telling me a story the other day. In the middle, he used the phrase “A Wisconsin Four-Way.” I think from my furrowed brow he sensed I’d jumped to the wrong conclusion and quickly ...