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Sometimes I Wish I Was Shinier

Michael Perry

Sometimes I wish I was shinier and smoother and cooler and groovier and had what they call panache. I wish I was smarter, and could hold great minds in rapt attention. Take the Academy by storm ...

Ducking Fame

Michael Perry

Once, for a split second in 2002, I thought I was famous. My ego first began to swell when I did a book signing in Nashville and more than thirty people showed up. Yessir, I thought to myself as I drove away from the bookstore that evening, the Mike train is rolling ...

Another Bite of Venison

local rock heroes of yore stage special reunion show

Michael Perry

“It was an overwhelming yes.” There are a lot of reasons to get the band back together, most of them more ill-advised than Spandex on a middle-aged insurance salesman. But when the friends and family of Jeff Johnson asked the men of Venison to ...

527 Miles Straight

Michael Perry

"The last day of tour began in Kansas City, and I wish to remark upon a stroke of real fine luck."


Michael Perry

"Because publishing is a difficult and dangerous business, just prior to the book tour I bought me a pair of big ol’ honkin’ steel-toed logging boots."

Emo Flooring and Umlauts

Michael Perry

"The business concern pictured above is located directly across the street from my motel ..."

Omaha Carp

Michael Perry

"Whatever you think of Mike Huckabee, he once stated that if it is handed through a car window, it’s not food."

Bettendorf, Iowa Has a Website

Michael Perry

"Followed the pink line on the GPS screen to a Super 8 motel and only after hitting the sheets ..."

An Excerpt from
Michael Perry's “COOP”

a tiny bit of Michael Perry's 'year of poultry, pigs, and parenting'

Michael Perry

"it curls from the plowshares like strips of licorice, leaving me this square, shin-deep trough"