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6 Wonderful, Family-Friendly Chippewa Valley Hikes

V1 Staff, photos by Mary Mihajlov

The air conditioner can make staying inside all summer an attractive option. But do not let its icy blast lull you into being a summertime couch potato. It’s up to you to get the family outside and loving the natural beauty that makes the Chippewa Valley such a great place. And here are a few places to do just that.

Butterfly House will flutter you up

Allison Schrader, photos by Mary Mihajlov

Butterfly lovers, your wait is over. Beaver Creek Reserve’s Butterfly House opened as of July 5 for the season. Available to the public since 2000, the Butterfly House holds multiple species of butterflies native to Wisconsin ...

Fourth of July Celebrations

There’s Way More than Fireworks on Independence Day

Gillian Ekern, photos by Mary Mihajlov

Prepare yourself for an exiting 4th of July weekend, because the Chippewa Valley is jumping with activities for tons of patriotic family fun.

Foresight is 20/20

Clear Vision project reveals future plans for community

Jared Glovsky, photos by Mary Mihajlov

There`s an old saying: people don`t plan to fail, they fail to plan ...

Glimpse | A Grave Situation

Claire Jeffries, photos by Mary Mihajlov

And when they died, they were buried in the "paupers' cemetery," oa Ridge Drive ...