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Michelle Chrzanowski


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Travel Story: Early Bird Gets the Whale

my laid-back family trip to San Joe del Cabo

illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

The energy on the boat was electric. Someone would spot a whale, fingers would point, heads would turn, the guides would quickly move the sail so we could loop around and see the whales again. Everyone was buzzing with excitement.

Roll Out the Barrel

my Wisconsin upbringing has fostered a tenderness toward polka

Kinzy Janssen, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

All the Wyoming folk left the dance floor, dumbfounded but too polite to laugh. Meanwhile, my entire family of Wisconsinites flooded the space, as if to say "Finally." That’s when I felt nakedly aware of my own culture ...

Cold Flashes of Brilliance

how being from Wisconsin means instantly being resourceful in winter

Kinzy Janssen, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

Winter is the most demanding season. We have no choice in the slippery matters as they arise – we must tap our seldom-used skills of resourcefulness, ingenuity, and creativity.

Double Fisting Degrees

comparing a UWEC studentship to some new adventures at CVTC

Robin Kinderman, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

I feel more confident right now than I did walking across the stage to receive my bachelor’s … I’m rather disturbed by the reputation tech schools get, by the thoughts I had of it when I was in high school.

Satanic Panic

when I was a kid in the 80s, I was certain cults were out to get me

Andrew Patrie, illustrated by Michelle Chrzanowski

By 1988, I was convinced Satanic cults were prowling the neighborhood. My eyes scoured the skeletal trees dotting the wooded embankment behind my house for the pumpkin glow of circle fires unfurling into the night.