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D&D Meets the Hodag in Medieval Fantasy Book

Lindsey Matysik

What happens when you mix Dungeons and Dragons and a Rhinelander lumberjack myth about a dragon called the Hodag? The answer involves a local Eau Claire man named Joseph Beaufeaux, and his book Eternal Knights, the first in a planned trilogy ...

A Sci-fi Kinda Guy

BJ Kelly releases the first in a planned trilogy

Lindsey Matysik, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Brian Able’s world is changing. His familiar world of Eau Claire pre-World War II (circa 1936) is gone. And for some reason the mysterious dreams he’s been having, set in a location known as “the place between,” have something to do with it ...

The Fallen Blade

local sci-fi author Kelly McCullough's new series

Lindsey Matysik, photos by Leah Dunbar

Local author (and cat enthusiast) Kelly McCullough is distinguished. He’s had a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly for his science fiction novel Webmage, and he’s a “Writer of the Future” thanks to an award won in 2000. Since said review ...

Jaron Lee Knuth's New Book Goes Virtual

Lindsey Matysik

Jaron Lee Knuth just released his newest book, Level Zero, which is a story about some unfortunate kids stuck in a virtual reality game that won’t let them log out. The book is a riveting read much like the Hunger Games meets The Matrix...

From Pain to the Page

writer spins struggles into creative inspiration

Lindsey Matysik

“I put everything that’s important to me, everything that I love, and put it in a jar and shook it up. When I took the lid off, Sugar’s Dance is what spilled out.” – New Auburn author Katie Mettner reveals the recipe for her book

Singer/Songwriter Cait Leary Releases Debut Album

Lindsey Matysik

Minneapolis resident with local ties Cait Leary just released her debut album, Just Let Me Have Tonight, which she recently recorded in La Crosse. Leary, who graduated from UWEC in 2010, got her start performing in Eau Claire coffee shops.

In Fantacyland

Strum teen’s web videos leave big impressions

Lindsey Matysik

Gabi Mills, from Strum, is definitely a youth to remember in the Chippewa Valley. At only 14 years old, she has plenty of reasons to be excited about for her future. For starters, she is quite the sensation on YouTube – her channel, Fantacylandfilms,

Nici Peper

St. Croix Valley singer/songwriter headed to the B&B

Lindsey Matysik, photos by Daryl Brewton

In a world where female singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen, Nici Peper captures attention and shines bright with her honest lyrics and sultry smooth singing voice. Peper, a St. Croix Valley native, originally started singing in local church choirs

Building the Whale House

experimental electro-rock band sports new lineup, EP

Lindsey Matysik, photos by Zachary Oliphant

Local experimental indie rock band Whale House is back with a brand new drummer and a renewed vigor. The band, comprised of original members Clayton Brice and Caleb Price, acquired Bryant Bohachek after months of waiting.

2011 Chippewa Valley Book Festival

2011’s featured writers deal in poetry, politics, and fantasy

Lindsey Matysik

This year’s Chippewa Valley Book Festival features authors for every interest. The annual event, now in its 12th year, held throughout the Chippewa Valley celebrates authors with connections to the Midwest.

The Picture Perfect

Madison pop band relocates to the Valley, ready to rock

Lindsey Matysik

Despite being a relatively young band, The Picture Perfect already has a big pile of accomplishments. The band has already recorded a debut album consisting of nine tracks, filmed two music videos, released an acoustic EP...