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3 Dimensions

Stout professor publishes interactive text on 3D

Lauryn Seering

David Tank, a professor of journalism at UW-Stout, is a true-blue 3D enthusiast. Just visiting his home outside of Menomonie gives one a clear understanding of his passion for this type of photography. His home is covered in memorabilia.

Local Man Versus Food

Lauryn Seering

It’s not every day that a person can compete on national television, but Menomonie native Jeremy Wheeler lived the dream on a huge appetite.

Sunday Event Picks (August 28)

Lauryn Seering

It's the last Sunday of summer break for all students, and for parents the relief that kids are going back to school is overwhelming. So why not make this Sunday a day for the family and attend one of the many events going on?

Saturday Event Picks (August 27)

Lauryn Seering

Summer is quickly winding down, and for students of all ages its almost time for back-to-school mode. But before doing so, check out the events going on this Saturday.

New Wisco voter ID laws: A rundown

Lauryn Seering

Earlier this year, Wisconsin passed a bill containing one of the strictest voter ID requirements in the country. Backers to the bill say it will help against voter fraud, but others insist that it will make voting more difficult for certain voters.

Sunday Event Picks (August 21)

Lauryn Seering

This Sunday will be all about the live music. If you want to catch a spunky performance check out James Ignacio, the Blues Duo, or the Pumps. If music isn't your scene this weekend, head to the Unitarian Church for an epic ...

Saturday Event Picks (August 20)

Lauryn Seering

Lots of live events to spice up your weekend, like the 4th Annual WHYS Bluegrass Festival in Lake Altoona County Park. Or if you are in more of a theater mood ... check this out ...

Eau Claire Family Resource Center Moves to The Mall

Lauryn Seering

The Family Resource Center of Eau Claire has been providing unflinching support to our area since 1999. This center can help new parents who are freaking out over raising their first child or seasoned parents who just have a couple questions.

Menomonie Man vs. Food

Lauryn Seering, photos by ContributedPhoto 

It’s not everyday that a person can compete on national television, but Menomonie native Jeremy Wheeler is living the dream on a huge appetite. Wheeler started munching food competitively at Fuzzy’s bar, just outside of Menomonie ...

Weigh in on Eau Claire County's 2012 budget

Lauryn Seering

People who care about the budget, check this out! Believe it or not, the City of Eau Claire and Eau Claire County have made good efforts to get public input on budget concerns, opinions, and new ideas. Unfortunately, public meetings tend to...

Stout seeks gateway artist

Lauryn Seering

Are you into architecture? Need some sweet gig to build up your resume? Well, slap your eyes on this, aspiring designers. The University of Wisconsin-Stout is seeking artists or groups of artists ...

Spotted in Menomonie

Lauryn Seering

"This could be something beautiful. Instead it attracts untalented graffiti artists. Fix it. P.S. Clean the lake."

5 things you didn't know about the Mabel Tainter Theatre

Lauryn Seering

The Mabel Tainter is famous for being an example of classic American architecture built in the 1880s. Here are five random facts you might like to think about the next time you happen to be walking past.

Energy Service Corps

new program offers free energy assessments for Eau Claire

Lauryn Seering

Do you leave lights on while your gone? Take hour-long showers? Never clean the lint trap in your dryer? Yes, most of us don’t pay attention to these small details around the house, but not doing so is throwing money away through the added energy costs.

Dancing, Dinner and … Rocky Horror?

Lauryn Seering

... couples will start with an hour long dance class which is co-run by Miki Hegg and Stephanie Houdek-Kling at the ECSOD. These moves will be for all skill levels so even if your husband professes his inability to Hokey Pokey he can still attend.

Altoona book program prevents the summer slide

Lauryn Seering

Getting kids excited about reading is becoming an ambitious endeavor. With so many visually mindless distractions, kids habitually grow into a summer slide.

Want some spunky summer food?

Lauryn Seering

Eating healthy is all about the ingredients. Here are a few good things to try this summer to keep fit while still eating like a champ.

Half Moon Lake get less pollutanty?

Lauryn Seering

Do you remember last summer when there were sporadic announcements proclaiming which lakes you could swim in that afternoon? Like, every day? Like, every minute? Something about bacteria or something, and your kids could sprout an extra eyeball?

Former local creates killer iPad app

Lauryn Seering

Yesterday (June 28), Justin Johnson's Video Time Machine app ranked #1 in the iPad Entertainment category and #2 on the iPhone Entertainment category – and #10 for the iPad overall. We're talking about some serious downloads. So congrats to ...

Museum of Wisconsin Art digitizes

Lauryn Seering

The Museum of Wisconsin Art has finished a project ten years in the making. On June 1, the MWA gathered and publicly launched an online visual art resource that will be available to the public.

Here Comes Country Fest

huge celebration of country music, lawn chairs returns

Lauryn Seering

The 25th anniversary of the Country Fest is upon us! Since 1987, this music festival has been held every year in Cadott, a small town a mere 30 minutes outside of Eau Claire. Every year over 100,000 fans enjoy outdoor music, great food, camping

Going local and organic online?

Lauryn Seering

Finding an organic farm is now a simple click away. The Wisconsin Organic Farm and Business Directory is the place to go if you want to locate your friendly neighbor organic grower and distributor.

In massive Wisconsin tree news ...

Lauryn Seering

Are you a local tree lover? Then you’re not alone. Did you know that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources maintains a detailed record of the largest trees in the state? Oh, yes. These are the so-called "champion trees."

Sunday Event Picks (June 19)

Lauryn Seering

This Sunday will hopefully find us with good weather because there are a lot of outdoor events goin on! Whether is be camps for the kids, huge tubing events on the river, soccer tournaments and the like; get outside this Sunday to enjoy ...

Saturday Event Picks (June 18)

Lauryn Seering

This Saturday has quite a variety of events to choose from. Wanna rodeo with the pros? Watch a game under the sun? Attend a play with the kids? Or take your special someone to a fancy fundrasier? Go for it!

Sunday Event Picks (June 12)

Lauryn Seering

From early in the morning and into the night – a constant stream of in-your-face events occurring on Sunday. Wanna know what they are? Of course you do.

Saturday Event Picks (June 11)

Lauryn Seering

From early in the morning and into the night – a constant stream of in-your-face events occurring on Saturday. Wanna know what they are? Of course you do.

Surf's up, Sheboygan!

Lauryn Seering

Every year Sheboygan plays host to a pretty unique competition - the Dairyland Surf Classic. Yep – Dairyland *Surf* Classic. Since the event began in Michigan in 1987 as a small surf contest, it currently gathers surfers from ...

Kidsy Summer Classes

educational camps for local kids

Lauryn Seering

The University of Wisconsin-Extension is proudly offering several camps for local kids, though these are a bit more unique than most.

Grandmatica Projects on Younger Projects

Lauryn Seering

Jack Blackburn and John R. Thurston recently visited Altoona Middle School and had approximately 100 eighth graders write narratives about their grandmother or another significant adult in their lives.

A New Chapter

former local's novel explores marriage

Lauryn Seering

Drawing on the Past

Menomonie cartoonist writes comedic memoir

Lauryn Seering

Norm Rockwell, a Menomonie resident whose day job is being a well-known cartoonist, recently released his seventh book. An illustrator for 25 years and, before that, an art teacher at Eau Claire’s North High School ...

New Wis. puppy mill law takes effect

Lauryn Seering

After allegations flew that named Clark County the “puppy mill capital” of Wisconsin, politicians are now fighting back against these mills. On Wednesday, June 1st, a new law for dog sellers, rescuers and shelters that will require breeders ...

5 Tips on Surviving a Wedding

Lauryn Seering

You may not have a date, you may hate dressing up in fancy shoes, and you may have another million other things on your mind. However, depending on your relationship with either the bride or groom, you should keep these basic things in mind.

The State could snag an extra $30,000

Lauryn Seering

ECRAC will host its annual Jubilee Gala on June 2 – a huge fundraiser for the center but this year it became even better. How so? The L.E. Phillips Family Foundation has announced their plans to match any donation the center receives up to $30,000.