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Katy Hackworthy


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Feeling Write at Home

the Chippewa Valley’s strong, supportive literary community draws one young writer back

Katy Hackworthy, photos by Justin Patchin

On a Sunday afternoon in July 2017, I drove down a spindly driveway away from one of the most special weekends of my life and toward what I believed then to be a new phase of my young adulthood. I had spent the previous four days at Cirenaica, a writing residency in the woods of Fall Creek put on by the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.

Raised by the Northwoods

the path between childhood and adulthood passes through the family cabin

Katy Hackworthy

Last September, as the sunset washed over me on a weathered dock whose cracks and folds I know like those on the bottom of my heels, I considered the notion that the Northwoods helped raise me ...