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Twin Cities Comic’s New Standup Special Recorded in Eau Claire

Menomonie native Tim Harmston has a soft spot for the Valley’s comedy scene

Jordan Duroe

Standup comic Tim Harmston is here to help. On May 1, the comedian and Menomonie native released his second album, "The Whim of Tim," which was recorded live right here in Eau Claire at The Plus and ...

Listen to Sniffle Party

local ‘sad girl pop’ project thrives with a stirring voice

Jordan Duroe, Christina Wolff, photos by Zach Oliphant

When you hear the name Sniffle Party you may not think of the winter cold you just finally got over, but that’s exactly what’s behind the inside joke that became the moniker of a new musical project ...

Fast, Fuzzy Punk Tunes

The Yuuzhan Vong go big and loud on new effort

Jordan Duroe

The Yuuzhan Vong – a new Eau Claire-based band comprised of Mitch Smuhl (lead vocals/guitar), Jon Buxton (vocals/bass), and Morgan McCandless (vocals/drums) – make music that does not fit cleanly into just one particular box. Their tunes are fast, fuzzy, raucous, and they exist somewhere in between the margins of traditional and easily definable genres ...

Arms Abroad

local pop-punk sensation, Arms Aloft, reflects on their handful of European tours.

Jordan Duroe

Exposed pipes, concrete floors, bad P.A.’s, crowds of sweaty kids squeezed in next to the washer and dryer, the weird and unidentifiable smells of an old basement: These things are all too familiar to the four guys in Arms Aloft, a punk band that ...

Pizza + Patio = Pizza Plus Patio

downtown bar/restaurant transforms alley into flexible, dynamic outdoor space

Jordan Duroe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Benny Haas, owner and operator of restaurant and venue The Plus (aka Pizza Plus), always saw potential in the alley behind his business: He felt it could be transformed into a space where customers enjoy outdoor dining and open-air shows and ...

Pit Wagon Rolls In

boozy folk trio keeps it simple and harmonious with songs invoking the countryside

Jordan Duroe

The beer-soaked songs of new Eau Claire band Pit Wagon exist in the space where country, folk, and the blues all intersect. “It’s music made for porches,” said Matthew Vold, the primary songwriter for the band.