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The Weather Outside Is Frightful

in the Chippewa Valley, Halloween can sometimes look a lot like Christmas

Jim Jeffries

Last Oct. 31 marked the day that I had spent more of my life in Wisconsin than in Indiana. The date seems appropriate since my interview in the summer was a total treat. I went from the soupy, boiling ...

Hitting Preconceptions out of the Park

Beep Baseball World Series in Eau Claire highlighted athleticism of the visually impaired

Jim Jeffries

Frank, my wife’s nephew, entered this world under emergency circumstances, and as a result, he is legally blind. Until I dated my wife, I had never known a visually-impaired person, so I treated Frank with kid gloves ...

Gambling for Another Good Book

if reading is addictive, then the public library is a pusher

Jim Jeffries

Last summer I had this conversation with my daughter ...

10 Hot Tips for Using Local Trails

pro suggestions on biker shorts, picking up after your dog, and ... unicycles?

Jim Jeffries, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I have been biking and walking the Chippewa River Trail since before it was even created, which is some trick, let me tell you. In all of that time, I have witnessed several calamities that could have been easily avoided ...