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Wed. Aug. 31st, 2016

On This Day

Jeannie Roberts

this first day of autumn // I'll remember the bristle // of woolly bears strolling // toward clover moving ...

Mon. Apr. 18th, 2016

Food for Thought

Jeannie Roberts

O praised be tomatoes / noodles and sauce / let there be lobster

Tue. Aug. 4th, 2015


by Jeannie Roberts

It's the heavenly sound / when chimes find a song / in breeze, the sparkle / of snow, the back and forth / show where hummingbirds / feed, it's an endless blue sky / when summer's not shy / to shine, the ferment / of leaves, the woodlands / at ease, in fall, it's the call ...

Tue. Sep. 24th, 2013

Tom Boy

Jeannie Roberts

Unshod near water's edge breezes touch tresses trace locks of copper and chestnut ...